Urinal Maintenance

Would you like to prevent 95% of all urinal blockages and save thousands of dollars on plumber fees?

Bad odours in urinals can take over the entire bathroom and simply cleaning the urinal won't eliminate the odours which may linger. Urine residue and scale accumulates over time in urinals that are not being serviced on a regular basis and this causes them to drain slowly.  

With preventative urinal maintenance, Urinal Cake can service your urinal or trough, which will return it to it's factory standard.


Please note, though, that we do not replace your current cleaners, as we offer services beyond general surface cleaning.

Services we offer:

  • Servicing of flushing urinals & troughs to remove scale

  • Servicing for waterless urinals

  • Sanitising of male and female amenities to remove odours

  • Replacement of Zip Flushmaster batteries and recalibration of timers. 

We can line you up with a great service plan. Urinal Cake is a professional and experienced company which can offer you a cost effective solution that keeps your urinals & troughs looking and smelling clean.

Our quarterly servicing is guaranteed to prevent 95% of all urinal blockages and save you thousands of dollars on call-out plumber fees and charges.

Please call or email if you require any information or if you would like a visit to your establishment for a trial clean on your worst bathroom.  

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