Barrier Protection - Hospital Grade

Price: $15.27

Barrier Protection - Hospital Grade offers a rapid, broad spectrum kill and persistence far longer than most disinfectants. It does this by bonding to the surface, creating safe and long-lasting transparent shield over surfaces enabling it to continue fighting harmful germs long after you spray.

> Kills 99.9999% of germs

> Bonds to Surfaces for Lasting Protection - Up to 28 days on some surfaces

> Kills Bacteria & Inhibits the Growth of Fungi

(mould & mildew) & Algae

> Non-Corrosive & Non-Flammable

How It Works

Zeta Potential is the term used to describe the attraction of negative particles (viruses, bacteria, odour and dust) to a positive charged particle once contact is made between these two opposing charged particles our product will kill the bacteria or virus.

This Video explains a little more about Zeta Potential

The compositions comprise a combination of three quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) in a water carrier. The 3 Quats in our product all contain a positive charge, one contains multiple positive charges and when atomised into the air, it is thought that the positive charges of the quaternary ammonium compounds attract the negatively charged microbe particles in the air, this includes pathogenic and odour causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust. This is the zeta potential that is displayed by the product, the smaller the droplets are atomised the longer the hang time in the air, the more effective the product becomes. When the microbes come in contact with the quaternary ammonium compounds their cell membranes are ruptured causing the microbes to die. The dead microbes are bonded to the quaternary ammonium compounds to form a cluster and become heavier, gently dropping out of the air and bonding to the surface they fall on. This prevents re-entry of the dead microbe into the air.

The sanitising composition is effective against a wide range of pathogens which are either killed or inactivated following exposure of the composition.

In addition to the sanitizing of the air, the product bond to all surfaces hold all three Quats on the surface and will continue to kill for extended periods

The best way to apply this product is by Fogging. Feel free to check out Sanitisation Fogger they can provide you with a free quote to have this service done.