Urinal cakes made from non-harming chemicals

Urinal Cakes

  • Australian Made
  • Non-Harming Chemicals
  • Gentle Fragrance
  • Last up to 1 month!
  • Benzene Free

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Urinal Mats, efficient and inexpensive device tp prevent urinal drain blockages

Urinal Mats - Wave 2.0

The best way to stop hair, paper and chewing gum from going down and blocking the drains.
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pH neutral urinal cleaner, removes bad odours and cleans drains

Urinal Cleaner

pH Neutral cleaner that doesn't damage the plumbing. Deodorizes by attacking, breaking down & flushing away the source of odour in the piping.
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Revolutionary Professional Urinal Cakes, Blocks and Tablets, Urinal Mats and Urinal Cleaner

Cheap Urinal Cakes Contain Ingredients That Are Harmful.

Why are our Urinal Cakes Revolutionary? 

Here are four good reasons:

1. Urinal Cakes that Dissolve in Water

Where other urinal cakes crystalize and block drains, using our urinal cakes means you don't have to worry about frequently calling plumbers to unblock your urinals.

2. Longer Lasting Urinal Blocks

The urinal blocks we supply last up to an entire month! Other urinal cakes are literally money down the drain.

3. Urinal Cakes that Reduce Uric Scale

Our Urinal Cakes are not just a pretty face (or fragrance) but they do a job and do it damn well. They work to dissolve soft build up and reduce hard scale to actively clear your bathroom drains. These urinal blocks aren't just a deodoriser but a uric scale remover.

4. Made in Australia

Supporting Australian enterprise and Australian businesses. Built for the Australian man. We are urinal cake suppliers located in Australia, with a product made in Australia.

Who is Urinal Cake?

Urinal Cake is a company that has worked out the only way to eliminate your odour problems with all urinals and troughs and save you money at the same time.

From supplying ground-breaking urinal cakes or urinal tablets, unbeatable urinal mats and an enzyme-based, highly effective urinal cleaner, to providing a preventative urinal maintenance service package that suits any budget and is a cure-all for any bathroom, Urinal Cake is here to solve your urinal problems.


Urinal or trough with bad odours?

Complaints about a stale smell coming from the men’s bathroom?

Want to cut down on plumber call-out costs having to unblock a urinal?

Then you have come to the right place. Talk to a urinal expert!