Highly Efficient Urinal Cakes/ Urinal Blocks

Urinal Cakes

  • Australian Made
  • Non-Harming Chemicals
  • Gentle Fragrance
  • Last up to 1 month!
  • Benzene Free

More Information


What is a urinal cake?

A urinal cake is a product which disinfects and reduces odours when placed inside the urinal, above the drain. Our urinal cakes will also reduce the amount of hard scale build-up within the pipes of the urinal or trough. This will greatly lead to a reduction in blockages and plumber call-out fees.

How does it work?

Our urinal cakes are water-soluable products which dissolve and effectively destroy the bacteria caused by urine. Our unique formula will more thoroughly eradicate odours and blockages caused by the buildup of uric scale and other solids in the urinal traps and pipes.

Will this cake solve all my urinal problems?

As mentioned above, the main ingredients that make up our Australian made urinal cakes help dissolve the scale that naturally forms. This will also help reduce the smell. It is not however a cure all. For a cure all, a urinal maintenance service which is also provided by Urinal Cake would be highly recommended.

How long will the cake last?

Under normal flushing circumstances each cake will last up to one month. Some may dissolve a little sooner if there is a higher frequency of flushing.

Will it block the pipes?

No. They dissolve in water unlike other cakes on the market which stay solid when they are in water.  Sadly, these other types of cakes can lead to further blockages. Our cakes work to clear your pipes!

Are there toxic ingredients in the urinal cake?

Our cakes are non-carcinogenic and benzene free. Our cakes are non-para. They are water-soluable which offer active cleaning efficancy and improve the cleaning of the pipes to remove the scale, which can be the cause of any odours.

How many should I use?

A general rule is 1 cake per urinal and 1 per stall in a floor trough.

Why buy our cakes?

  • Our urinal cakes will reduce the amount of scale build-up within the pipes of the urinal or trough. This will lead to a reduction in blockages.
  • Australian made
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • They will not block the drain
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Lasts up to 30 days per urinal cake